Retain & expand ibanking user base
with instant customer satisfaction

Responsive, relevant and deeply personal
banking experience for everyone

Looking to offer easy and fun internet banking to your customers? Imagine an instant search experience with super fast touchable and visual exploration of your banking payments and money flows. Imagine live analytics responding to your every interaction in the most relevant way. Imagine one single view across all your accounts. MyInstaBank software delivers the ideal banking experience. It's a platform solution for future that works along existing bank's systems without compromising security and reliability. Request live demo

  • Most dynamic online
    banking experience
  • Ready-made platform to service
    distributed web and mobile demand
  • Instant tracking & analytics
    facilitates debit/credit card use
  • Live data replication via snap integration
    with existing bank's platforms
  • The best way to search &
    view all historic payments
  • Cost-efficient scalability via
    rack & stack commodity hardware

Instant visual simplicity
for your ibanking customers

Search, find and analyze your money flows at the speed of thought

  • instant access to all archived payments archive
  • instant Google-like search
  • instant visual analytics for money flows
  • instant account reporting
  • export views to PDF
  • single view of multiple accounts
  • click & touch screen exploration
  • super fast one-click payment orders
  • content cross-linking saves customer time
  • most dynamic ibanking experience
  • reduced computing cost per
    web & mobile transaction
  • reduced SSL encryption
    from relevant pagination
  • easily integrates with existing
    bank's systems over open API
  • reduced network bandwidth
    use from smaller-size transactions
  • replicated all archived payments
    in industry standard XML
  • cost efficient platform for
    web & mobile banking future